Investment Philosophy & Process

Our Philosophy

Invictus employs a relative value approach. We invest in companies where, in our opinion, the market price offers a significant discount to the intrinsic value. We aim to position our clients to take advantage of behavioral tendencies that result from reactions to controversial events. We look for companies that can withstand the test of time and market cycles.

We believe that there is a harvestable value-add in our stoical approach to investing, which minimizes emotional and exogenous influences in order to reflect the true intrinsic value of investable opportunities.

Our Process

Three-Pronged Approach
Returns-Driven Proprietary Multi-Factor Screening Model
  • Returns on several levels are our preferred barometer of management effectiveness and efficiency.
  • An understanding of the drivers of past and future returns is critical in determining the sustainability of fundamental performance.
Relative Valuation Dictates Opportunities
  • Valuation appraisal is the cornerstone of our investment process.
  • The unwavering, long-term focus on value helps to shield the investment process from transitory, exogenous forces.
Private Equity Vantage Point Emphasizes Leverageable Prospects
  • We approach the purchase of one share of a company as we would the purchase of every share of the company.
  • Our investment process draws us to companies that carry the upside opportunity of recapitalization