Our Process

Three-Pronged Approach
Returns-Driven Proprietary Multi-Factor Screening Model
  • Returns on several levels are our preferred barometer of management effectiveness and efficiency.
  • An understanding of the drivers of past and future returns is critical in determining the sustainability of fundamental performance.
Relative Valuation Dictates Opportunities
  • Valuation appraisal is the cornerstone of our investment process.
  • The unwavering, long-term focus on value helps to shield the investment process from transitory, exogenous forces.
Private Equity Vantage Point Emphasizes Leverageable Prospects
  • We approach the purchase of one share of a company as we would the purchase of every share of the company.
  • Attracted to companies that carry the upside opportunity of recapitalization.

Our Strategy

Strategy Name: Small Cap US Value
Inception Date: April 8, 2016
Benchmark: Russell 2000 Value Index
Portfolio Manager: J. Keith Buchanan, CFA
# of Holdings: 40 – 70
Status: Open

The investment philosophy behind the Small Cap US Value strategy rests on the notion that true value is defined by companies that trade at a significant discount to what their underlying fundamentals merit. The goal of the product is to outperform the Russell 2000 Value Index over a market cycle (3-5 years) with an indiscriminate emphasis on quality and liquidity in a portfolio that is fully invested (7% or less cash) at all times.

We embrace the perspective of an investor who is pursuing the entirety of the business. We approach assessing the risks with the same vigor that we use in assessing the potential opportunity. We pride ourselves in being independent thinkers and appreciate the contrarian path we often take as a result.

Meet our Team

of Professionals
Kenny Jackson Photo
Kenneth R. Jackson
Chief Executive Officer | Principal

Kenneth Jackson founded Invictus Capital Investors in 2017 and has over twenty-two years of investment experience. Kenneth is responsible for the strategic vision of Invictus and is heavily involved in the marketing and distribution effort.

J. Keith Buchanan Photo
J. Keith Buchanan, CFA
Chief Investment Officer | Principal

Keith Buchanan founded Invictus Capital Investors in 2017 and has over thirteen years of investment experience. Keith is responsible for the investment vision at Invictus and manages the investment strategies.

Everything Goes In Cycles

"Invest in what you know…..and nothing more."
- Warren Buffett


Where you can find us

3340 Peachtree Road, Suite 1800 | Atlanta, GA 30326